PMCS for Providers

Delivering Prompt, Timely Payment

PMCS Advance is a proven revenue cycle management solution for out-of-network claim settlement that dramatically expedites payment to Providers and ensures the amount received is both predictable and undisputed.

From Payer post-adjudication through payment, PMCS Advance uses electronic data interchange (EDI) and established Provider agreements to maximize revenue, accelerate payment, and strengthen Payer relationships. Our professional claim managers work with you one-on-one to establish the highest return-on-discount possible and your preferred channel of settlement. Your signed agreement ensures that you receive payment promptly, predictably, and without time-consuming reprocessing.

  • Provides prompt, predictable payment
  • Maximizes discount returns
  • Increases processing volume and revenue
  • Eliminates claims reprocessing and paperwork
  • Complies with HIPAA regulations

PMCS Select is our fully automated revenue cycle management solution for out-of-network settlement that allows Providers to receive claim payment and an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) directly from select Payers. In addition to reducing administrative costs, it allows you to leverage your existing PMCS agreement and provides access to some of the industry’s largest Payer organizations.

  • Supplements current strategy
  • Leverages existing PMCS agreement
  • Optimizes discounting potential
  • Automates payment & EOB
  • Provides access to largest Payers

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