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Optimizing Results with PMCS Channels of Settlement

Building strong Provider relationships, partnering with other healthcare management networks, and providing professional negotiation services are unique to the PMCS claim settlement process. These three components or ‘Channels of Settlement’ ensure, among other benefits, Providers receive prompt, predictable reimbursement and Payers receive the best possible discount. Collectively, they have helped PMCS build one of the industry’s largest Payer networks—a feature that benefits all of our customers.

Three Channels of Advanced Settlement

Continuous Discount Agreements

In addition to negotiating individual claims, our team of professional claim managers work to establish an ongoing agreement with each Provider to further expedite the settlement on future PMCS-processed claims.

Professional fee Negotiations

Experienced PMCS claim managers negotiate individual claim settlements to the benefit of the Provider and Payer. The team has an average of over 15 years of experience and includes licensed accident and health adjusters.

Supplemental Networks

PMCS has partnerships with top local, regional and national preferred provider networks who assist in promoting PMCS Advance and in establishing the benchmark for settlement.