Innovative Solutions

Leading the way for the future of healthcare pricing

PMCS Innovation

PMCS is proud to offer some of the most innovative solutions in the healthcare environment. This desire and ability to think beyond the industry norms has allowed PMCS to save clients significant cost.

From sophisticated pricing mechanisms designed to limit costs to solutions related to pricing workers compensation and auto injury claims, PMCS is leading the way for the future of healthcare pricing.

PMCS provides the competitive edge you need to further your success in business, that is what we call,
PMCS Innovation.

Industry Topics & Trends

Backstop Program

The PMCS Backstop Program is a proven system, designed specifically to be the last line of defense for claims payments. By reviewing claims expense and verifying them against the contracted rates for the PMCS proprietary network, businesses are assured they are paying the most accurate rate for the services provided. Providers who have a signed agreement with PMCS have worked to negotiate competitive rates, in exchange for prompt, predictable payment without time-consuming reprocessing. The Backstop Program ensures:

  • The highest level of accuracy
  • Decreases in claims expenses
  • Cost saving opportunities

“Medicare Plus” Pricing

The “Medicare Plus” pricing trend creates a unique challenge to healthcare Providers and Payers. PMCS offers proven revenue cycle management solutions that reduce healthcare costs for everyone—Providers, Payers, and Patients. By providing advance funding to Providers and eliminating provider disputes and balance billing for Payers and Patients, PMCS is able to generate substantial savings and eliminate administrative red tape.

Physician Only Network Option

The Physician Only Network Option provides the flexibility and cost containment essential to succeed in the evolving healthcare market. PMCS offers this seamless solution to assist in controlling your healthcare costs. Our customers receive increased network coverage, flexible functionality options and reasonable reimbursement controls. At a time when many networks reduce payments by small margins, PMCS stands behind their “Medicare Plus” pricing commitment to create a positive outcome for all parties.

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